Why Visit an HIV Specialist?

Seeking Help

An HIV specialist or infectious disease doctor has seven or more years of medical school, postgraduate schooling or training programs, and additional training to focus on infectious and transmitted diseases. Often compared to detectives, these specialists are trained and licensed as doctors of internal medicine who can also make a diagnosis and create a disease treatment plan.

Visiting an HIV specialist in New York gives you access to top-rated medical facilities, information, and technology. They can treat your symptoms with an effective disease treatment plan after piecing together the information you provide and running a few tests. A lot of the testing is done onsite, so you save the hassle and the travel time of having to go elsewhere.

As an HIV specialist, Dr. McMeeking offers his patients the most convenient process for reaching a diagnosis. Dealing with HIV can be very stressful, but he will spend time making you feel comfortable with him, his office, and your disease symptoms. It’s natural to panic or be nervous about your symptoms, but Dr. McMeeking will answer any questions you have and help you find the best method of treatment for you.

The offices are quite comfortable and pleasing to the eye. You will not be kept waiting; Dr. McMeeking always strives for quality patient care and will not sacrifice his time with you just to see more patients. Stressing out about your case and your diagnosis will make you feel worse, but Dr. McMeeking can put you at ease.

What Is HIV?